What is Hoon School Live?

Hoon School Live (HSL) is the Urbit Foundation successor effort to teach Hoon.

Enroll here.

Also join ~hiddev-dannut/new-hooniverse.  The most up-to-date information about scheduling and access is maintained in the Administration notebook there.

2022-02 Cohort

The Urbit Foundation will run the next cohort of what has variously been called “Hoon School,” “Hoon 101,” and “Hooniversity,” now dubbed “Hoon School Live,” in late February 2022. The Foundation is going to host a developer call on February 17 to talk about our unfolding plans to streamline Urbit developer education and support. Shortly thereafter, we will begin Hoon School Live with an optional first week oriented around basic computing and getting started with Urbit development. We’ll then launch into Hoon itself, aiming to get you comfortable writing generators (standalone computations, like scripts), working with programming concepts like cores and doors, using the standard library, and distributing code using desks. After Hoon School Live, you will be in good stead to study Gall and the rest of the Urbit platform in detail.

~lagrev-nocfep will teach at two times, and ~wicrum-wicrun will teach on a delay which works better for European evening times.

Session Topic
Session –1 Intro to Computing (optional, for total beginners who’ve never programmed)
Session 0 Setting Up Urbit (optional, how to set up a development ship)
Session 1 Hoon Syntax
Session 2 Hoon Conventions
Session 3 Making Decisions
Session 4 Repeating Yourself
Session 5 Subject-Oriented Programming
Session 6 Molding Values
Session 7 The Standard Library
Session 8 Managing State
Session 9 Production Code
Each lesson will have three live sessions in which we will talk through the relevant materials. The content of these will be identical, so pick the one that better accommodates your schedule. We will also record and post a homework solution walkthrough after the due date for each homework.
The schedule will be:
  • “Morning”: 14h30 GMT
  • “Evening”: 02h30 GMT (next day)
  • “Europe”: 18h30 GMT (Tuesday)
until March 13, 2022, when Daylight Savings Time begins in the United States; after this, the times will be:
  • “Morning”: 13h30 GMT
  • “Evening”: 01h30 GMT (next day)
  • “Europe”: 18h30 GMT (Tuesday)
(I.e. ~lagrev-nocfep is teaching at 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. U.S. Central Time on Thursdays, while ~wicrum-wicrun is teaching at 6:30 p.m. Central European Time on Tuesdays.)
We will announce office hour times later.
There will be two break weeks so you have a chance to breathe during the class.
Homework is due on the subsequent Wednesday at 05h00 GMT (or Tuesday 23h00 CST).

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Day Date Lesson Lesson (Europe)
Mon 02-21    
Tue 02-22    
Wed 02-23    
Thu 02-24 Session –1  
Fri 02-25    
Sat 02-26    
Sun 02-27    
Mon 02-28 Session 0 (“evening”)  
Tue 03-01 Session 0 (“morning”) Session –1
Wed 03-02    
Thu 03-03 Session 1  
Fri 03-04    
Sat 03-05    
Sun 03-06    
Mon 03-07    
Tue 03-08   Session 1
Wed 03-09    
Thu 03-10 Session 2  
Fri 03-11    
Sat 03-12    
Sun 03-13 US DST begins  
Mon 03-14    
Tue 03-15   Session 2
Wed 03-16    
Thu 03-17 (break week)  
Fri 03-18    
Sat 03-19    
Sun 03-20    
Mon 03-21    
Tue 03-22    
Wed 03-23    
Thu 03-24 Session 3  
Fri 03-25    
Sat 03-26    
Sun 03-27    
Mon 03-28    
Tue 03-29   Session 3
Wed 03-30    
Thu 03-31 Session 4  
Fri 04-01    
Sat 04-02    
Sun 04-03    
Mon 04-04    
Tue 04-05   Session 4
Wed 04-06    
Thu 04-07 Session 5  
Fri 04-08    
Sat 04-09    
Sun 04-10    
Mon 04-11    
Tue 04-12   Session 5
Wed 04-13    
Thu 04-14 Session 6  
Fri 04-15    
Sat 04-16    
Sun 04-17    
Mon 04-18    
Tue 04-19   Session 6
Wed 04-20    
Thu 04-21 (break week)  
Fri 04-22    
Sat 04-23    
Sun 04-24    
Mon 04-25    
Tue 04-26    
Wed 04-27    
Thu 04-28 Session 7  
Fri 04-29    
Sat 04-30    
Sun 05-01    
Mon 05-02    
Tue 05-03   Session 7
Wed 05-04    
Thu 05-05 Session 8  
Fri 05-06    
Sat 05-07    
Sun 05-08    
Mon 05-09    
Tue 05-10   Session 8
Wed 05-11    
Thu 05-12 Session 9  
Fri 05-13    
Sat 05-14    
Sun 05-15    
Mon 05-16    
Tue 05-17   Session 9

What is Hooniversity?

Hooniversity has been a community-managed Hoon/Urbit education effort.  ~rabsef-bicrym and~risruc-habteb comprise the ‘core team’.

From June 2020 until late 2021, Hooniversity (this site) served as the primary Hoon education effort.

From February 2022 onwards, the Urbit Foundation is inheriting the mantle of Hoon education.

The Hooniversity group continues to be an active resource for learners.  Join at ~hiddev-dannut/new-hooniverse.