What is Hooniversity?

Hooniversity is a community-managed Hoon/Urbit education effort.  ~rabsef-bicrym and ~risruc-habteb comprise our ‘core team’.

We are Hoon learners ourselves and are giving back to the community the best we can.  We aim to create an environment where utter noobies feel comfortable asking basic questions and where intermediate and advanced developers continue to sharpen their skills until able to start contributing to the Urbit project in other ways.

Do you have some sort of important update?

As of 2020/06/01, Hooniversity is the primary Hoon education effort.  The Tlon team has handed Hoon School responsibility to our team, in order to allow the core team to better organize around other important projects.

We are humbled and grateful that Tlon has put its trust in our community to be the primary forum for Hoon education.

So is Hooniversity now the official teaching arm of Tlon?

No — Hooniversity is a community project, not an arm of Tlon.  We do work closely with Tlon, particularly for QA and many Tlon developers participate in our channels.

Where does Hooniversity live?

Our official home is the “Hooniverse” group on the urbit network.  Drop by our public channel to request an invitation:


Wait, is it Hooniverse or Hooniversity?

It’s both!  Look — we haven’t claimed to be branding experts.  But our reasoning is this: Hooniversity is our education program which consists of live instruction, video walkthroughs, and written tutorials.

Hooniverse is two things:

  • The community that supports Hooniversity’s education efforts, we’ve already had excellent contributions from other community developers and fully expect that to continue!
  • A general purpose, friendly, helpful, Hoon development community, which we expect ultimately to contribute far more than education to the urbit project.

Where does one go from here?

Head over to our group on urbit. And poke around the site here, but do bear with us as we are still getting pieces into their places here.

In the meantime, if you’re enrolled in the next Hoon School session, do check out our preparatory document:  Introduction