Anki Flash Card Deck: Hoon Rune Phonetics

In the Urbit documents, learning the phonetic pronunciations of the Hoon runes are called optional, but know that in conversation about Hoon and runes, these ways of speaking Hoon are widely used.  We will use them frequently and ultimately you should learn them. Also, it’s just a bit of repetition learning and will serve you for a great while thereafter.


Anki Flash Card Deck: Hoon rune families

Learning the 12 rune families (the first symbol of the two-symbol rune tells you the family) will help you make sense of and remember the individual runes as you learn them later.  This learning is very highly recommended.


Anki Flash Card Deck: Hoon runes in plain English

It might be a bit early to learn these basic runes with zero context, but once you get a touch of enthusiasm about learning hoon then you should spend some of that energy on this deck.  At first this might be rote memorization, but these are very important building blocks that will help you dispel many of the learning challenges to come.