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We will help you get started, in ways that will help Hoon School be easier for you when you begin.

Each lesson will have two live sessions in which we will talk through the relevant materials. The content of these will be identical, so pick the one that better accommodates your schedule. We will also record and post a homework solution walkthrough after the due date for each homework.
The schedule will be:
  • “Morning”: 14h30 GMT
  • “Evening”: 02h30 GMT (next day)
  • “Europe”: 18h30 GMT (Tuesday)
until March 13, 2022, when Daylight Savings Time begins in the United States; after this, the times will be:
  • “Morning”: 13h30 GMT
  • “Evening”: 01h30 GMT (next day)
  • “Europe”: 18h30 GMT (Tuesday)
(I.e. we are teaching at 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. U.S. Central Time on Thursdays, and 7:30 Central European Time on Tuesdays.)
We will announce office hour times later.
There will be two break weeks so you have a chance to breathe during the class.
Homework is due on the subsequent Wednesday at 05h00 GMT (or Tuesday 23h00 CST), or (for Europe participants) on Sunday at 05h00 GMT.

See you on Urbit!