Subject (dojo)

The dojo subject has some preset values in it. It includes faces like our (our ship’s name) now (the current datetime) and eny (many bits of entropy for use in random number generation). It also has hoon.hoon implicitly tacked to it, so your standard library functions are always available. Furthermore, you can pin values to the dojo using this notation: =face . Please note that if you pin a face to the dojo, it will always be available in the dojo until it is unset using just =face. It is wise to keep your dojo clean of these pinned values if you’re just testing. Anything you do in dojo after pinning a face will implicitly have that value available to it as well; that is to say if I set =a 1, then I write some gate b, that gate b will have a=1 implicit in it’s subject, even if I unpin a from the dojo at some later point. This isn’t incredibly critical, but you should be aware of it.