FYI videos are being edited and updated in an ongoing improvement process.  As videos are modified, we will update links on this page

Introduction to the Dojo:

Description: Much more extensive bullet point description can be found in the introduction document.  This is a live-video introduction to dojo commands and the subject

Lesson 1: The Bare Naked Generator:

Description: In this lesson, you’ll learn the basics of writing a generator in Hoon.

We hope you’ll join us on Urbit; ask for an invite to the learning group at ~/~hiddev-dannut/hooniverse. 

Lesson 2: Making Faces

Description: In Lesson 2, we learn about “pinning faces” (something like variables) to the subject, mutating the value of a wing of the subject and doing some work with those faces you’re making and modifying. 

Lesson 3: The Big IFF %.y

Description: In this lesson, we’ll investigate conditional statements, look at the wut rune family as a whole, and demonstrate some standard library functions. 

Lesson 4: The Right to BEAR Arms

Description: In this lesson, we look at the use of arms and cores to do work that might not be best suited for a single gate to handle.  In doing so, we also look at some other bar rune constructions and talk about where the course will go from here! 

Lesson 5: Sibilance

Description: In this lesson, we build on all prior material and show how to use the various tools in conjunction to do some work. 

Lesson 6: Measure (counter) and Cut Once

Description: In this lesson we begin discussing recursion in our programming.  We use a very simple generator to demonstrate entering a recursive loop and exiting based on some condition. 

Lesson 7: A Four Point Buc

Description: In this lesson we continue our recursion discussion.  We focus specifically on the calling of a wing with changes, using centis, and identify exactly how our Urbits process that call. 

Lesson 8: Missing Links

Description: In this, our final lesson on recursion, we explore the use of recursion to perform a function.  We take into consideration the lessons learned from our past lessons on recursion and learn a few new things about lists along the way. 

Lesson 9: North by Northwest

Description: In this lesson, we go orienteering with maps!  Maps are a structure for data storage in Hoon which we’ll use more extensively in the next lesson.  We’re coming towards the end of Hoon School, so we’re keeping it fun and light – but your next two lessons will be more challenging! 

Lesson 10: Finally FUNctional Programming

Description: In this, our penultimate lesson of Hoon School 101, we program a length conversion utility.  We use many of the elements we’ve seen previously: maps, conditionals, multi-arm cores, and a few new items.  We’re in the final stretch – so stick with us! 

Lesson 11: The Payout

Description: In this, our final lesson together, we combine all of the work we’ve previously done to create a fun and interesting generator.  We also introduce auto-didactic techniques you can use going forward from here.